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I started out in the Navy in August 1992, attending Boot Camp at Great Lakes, IL.  After attending Airman Apprenticeship Training, I was sent to the Fleet as a non-designated Airman.  My first duty station was Attack Squadron 34 out of Oceana, VA.  I deployed to Bosnia on the USS George Washington (CVN-73) and flew off three months into the deployment to head to Hospital Corpsman 'A' School.  Due to the fact that I'm a geek, I was selected to attend Preventive Medicine Technician 'C' School and then Field Medical Services Technician School.  After completion, I reported to 1st Marine Division and eventually deployed with 3/1.  I got off Active Duty in 1998 and joined the Reserves.  I was attached to Naval Hospital Bethesda's detachment in Albany, NY.  Nothing happening there, so in July of 2001, I deployed with 2/25 Company F to the Ukraine for 2 weeks.  
In October of 2001, I was recalled to help at the World Trade Center as part of the NY State Naval Militia.  The night I returned home from NYC, I found out that I was recalled to Active Duty and attached to Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit 202 out of Newport, RI, as the Senior Medical Department Representative (SMDR).  
After training in VA for 3 weeks, we ended up sitting in RI doing absolutely nothing until we were finally tasked with providing Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection services (news clip) at Marathi Pier Complex on the beautiful island of Crete, Greece, supporting Naval Support Activity Souda Bay.
Check out the "Mission in Greece" and Military PART II pages.
3/1 Battalion Aid Station (BAS) Crew
standing: Neilsen, Holton, Dr. Barron, RP2, Grennert (the moron), Chaplain, Moore, Ron Husman
kneeling: Frank Percy, Rob Sylvester, Armstrong, Kid Cruz, Chief Gomez, Fat Ass Cruz, Lcpl. Our driver  (yep, forgot some of the names...)
Pepper spray training in Newport, RI...a big thank you to QM1 Regina Gunter for the next three pics.
Rob getting sprayed in the face by his good *friend* Corey
The aftermath....
This crap really sucks!  Worse than the gas chamber....much worse!
Ukraine, July 2001
Kuwait, 1996/1997, Our *hooch*, built for 2....
"bird" while off the coast of Bosnia in 1994...yep, lots 'o live ordnance.

Some of the countries I've been to:
United Arab Emirates
Puerto Rico